The very first thing to remember if this happens to you is that it is your job that was made redundant, not you. You are an important and valuable member of society. What has happened is simply business, it’s not personal.

Our Award-winning financial planners, based in Perth, deeply understand these issues, and also that you are facing some significant decisions as you start to write the next chapter of your life. It makes sense to get someone in your corner to encourage and support you in these times.

It’s a good idea to focus on what you can control during retrenchment. Taking control of your finances will save you time, energy and stress in the future.

You may be thinking there is a lot to do, where do I start? That’s where our financial advisers can help:

  • Check the tax on your payout – often we find errors!
  • Help protect your cash while you aren’t working
  • Help decide  whether to pay off debt
  • Review options to create wealth
  • Create a plan to help you achieve your lifestyle goals and dreams

The Award-winning financial planners at ipac Western Australia are real people, and we start with understanding the story of your life. Once we agree on the ‘why’ of our plan, we can design the ‘how’.

Contact us today to get the best financial advice in Perth to plan your next career venture.