We not only want what is best for ourselves and our children, we want what is best for our parents. Our Award-winning specialist financial planners understand that it is easy to put off Aged Care decisions until the last moment. The result of this can mean both bad choices for you/your parents and money decisions that can compromise lifestyle now and the future value of your legacy.

Choosing the aged care option that is right for you, or someone you care about, can be a confusing and complex process. The financial implications of those decisions can have a significant impact on what you pay and how it can be funded.

The ipac Western Australia team, based in Perth, includes financial advisers that specialise in aged care.

Our financial planners can help you and your family through this difficult time by:

  • Looking at the personal financial situation of the person going into care
  • Explaining the payment options
  • Providing guidance on how best to structure finances
  • Helping you understand your options around the family home
  • Helping you navigate Centrelink and the Means Test
  • Reviewing the impacts on your estate plan and what happens in the future

The Award-winning financial planners at ipac Western Australia are real people, and we start with understanding the story of your life. Once we agree on the ‘why’ of our plan, we can design the ‘how’.

Contact us today to get the best financial advice in Perth on Aged Care.