ipac WA wins prestigious national Financial Planning Award

We are totally proud to tell you that we have been awarded the inaugural Financial Planning Association Professional Practice of the Year award.

The award was presented at the FPA Professionals Congress held in Perth in front of over 1000 of the profession’s best.

Chief Executive Patrick Canion paid tribute to the entire ipac WA team and all the clients that choose to seek advice from the organisation.

“This award is great recognition for 20 years of hard work. We have been given a unique opportunity to help so many people from all walks of life with their financial situations, which we will never take for granted.”

“To my wonderful team I extend a huge thank you for all your hard work and most importantly to all of our clients. We wouldn’t be here without you and your support and trust. Every day we get up and try to make our business a little bit better. Every day we ask what more can we do to help our clients live the life they dream of!”

“It’s extraordinary that we still have a number of clients today that we had 20 odd years ago. Their faith in what we stand for and our highly respectful approach to building their wealth is nothing short of amazing.” “It’s also pleasing to know that we truly offer a ;point of difference in the Australian market and people are responding positively.”

“We have worked hard to stay at the absolute cutting edge of the profession and have continued to innovate so we can maintain our personalised approach to how we do things here at ipac WA.”

We may be the best financial planners in Australia now, but our promise to you is that we will keep getting better. We look forward to seeing you at your next meeting or at one of our regular seminars in 2017.

One thought on “ipac WA wins prestigious national Financial Planning Award

  1. Hello Patrick and the WA IPAC team

    impressive. I hope to be part of a team like IPac, so that work is fun and worthwhile


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